Covid has affected us all but:

  1. Businesses still need their admin work done.
  2. Skilled admin staff can’t pop into their local recruitment bureau and sign up for temporary/permanent work any more.

…that simple truth hasn’t changed despite the pandemic.

Administrators are still around – we just haven’t got employment agencies ‘selling’ our skills to clients any more. So, we administrators need to market ourselves instead.

This is good because every administrator has quickly learnt to become more even more professional than before, learnt new skills and started our own businesses… alongside being able to type and answer the phone.

We are now self-employed, pay our own taxes and, due to IR35 rules, work from premises of our own choosing – for different businesses.

I don’t faff about hiding my address. I live in a village north of Selby/south of York. My work area includes LS25 (Garforth/Sherburn in Elmet), YO8 (Selby) and LS24 (Tadcaster). It’s enough to be going on with …

I know these areas well and can drop finished work off to you if necessary. If you have a business in one of these areas and need administrative help – please email me.